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sphygmomanometer wall model

Seca B41 mountable sphygmomanometer


Manual large sphygmomanometer and flexible options.



  • General information: Clock with a diameter of 140 mm and anti-reflective glass provide excellent visibility of the measured values.
  • Durable: Made of durable polycarbonate, which provides resistance to cracks in impacts.
  • Freedom of use: Freedom of use thanks to the three-meter length of the cable connecting the camera and the cuff.

The expandable basic model seca b41 provides excellent readability due to the large measurement scale. Diameter 140 mm with anti-reflective glass ensures perfect reading of all measurements from any perspective. A three-meter cuff tube provides great freedom of use. The pressure indicator is made of polycarbonate and this increases its resistance to shocks and impacts.

Combined with seca b94, they offer three different use options: stationary on the wall or on a mounting rail and on a movable stand.

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