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Sphygmomanometer Seca B11

Seca B11 Sphygmomanometer


Seca B11 – Manual blood pressure monitor made of medical plastic for right-handed and left-handed users.

Supplied with 1x size 6 cuff.

  • MRI-compatible: Made of non-magnetizable materials.
  • User-friendly: No maintenance necessary through the simple exchange of the load cell.
  • Innovative: Suitable for right-handed as well as left-handed users due to its rotatable load cell.

The Seca B11 manual sphyg is made of high-resistance polycarbonate – a preferred choice for hectic everyday practice due to its high impact resistance. A key product advantage is the use of non-magnetizable materials so that it can be used even in highly sensitive MRI rooms. The robust exterior combines harmoniously with a high-precision measuring unit, giving the user the highest flexibility with impressive precision. The seca b12 of identical construction simplifies daily work procedures with its thought-out combination of quick-release fastener and color-coding of the tubes. This enables the cuff to be easily switched out and the fitting arm size to be easily found.

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