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Dental Autoclave

Bowie Dick Test Packs (20 Pack)


Pack (BDTP) needs to be used to test the performance of each (pre-vacuum) steam sterilizer. At a successful completion of the Bowie Dick Test Cycle the steam sterilizer can be released for usage during the day.

The Bowie Dick Test Pack is the proper test when the steam sterilizer is used to sterilize porous loads mainly.

The test gives a result in steam sterilizer: 134°C – 3,5 min / 121°C – 15 min.

Failures which are picked-up by the Bowie Dick Test Pack are:
• Sterilization temperature too low
• Sterilization holding time too short
• Insufficient vacuum in depth and in number of vacuum pulses
• Insufficient air removal from porous loads
• Insufficient steam penetration in porous loads
• Leakage of piping/valves/door seals
• Detection of excessive amounts of condensate

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