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Covid-19 Autoclave/Washer mothballing tips

If you are planning to leave your Autoclave and Washer Disinfector idle for a period of greater than 2 weeks, here is our advice to prevent problems on startup:


Drain clean and dirty (used) water tanks. Leave Tank cover/lid open and open door to allow any moisure/water to evaporate out of the machine.

Remove the machine from the mains power.

If connected to auto-fill filters: shut-off water supply at valve.


Remove any instruments, but leave baskets and racks in situ.

Switch off power at both machine and wall switch.

Keep door closed/locked.

Handpiece Oiler:

Remove oil supply.

Run several cycles with just compressed air to clear lines.

Remove oil residues.

Switch off air supply at compressor/valve.

Remove power from the mains.

Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Drain tank.

Remove filters

Leave drain valve open (if applicable) and lid open/off.

Unplug from mains supply.

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